Invite friends & earn free transfers

Share the link and invite your friends to Transfer Rapid world; enjoy a free transfer for each honored invite.

How do I invite friends?

Login to your Transfer Rapid account. If you don't have one, you can create it now..

From the Dashboard, you can start sharing your unique invite link to your friends.

After logging in, you will find your unique link to share.

For every money transfer made by your friends, you will automatically enjoy the next transfer commission free.

You and your friends will be rewarded

Introduce them to Transfer Rapid’s world and invite them to send money safely and close to the home of their loved ones in Romania.

Both you and your friends will be rewarded, they will also benefit from the first transfer with no commission. You have unlimited invites and all our support .

Bucură-te de avantajele Transfer Rapid

After your friends send money following the invitation shared by you, you will be notified and the commission for your next transfer will automatically be 0.

Invite more friends and you will enjoy as many more free transfers.

Start inviting friends